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An Open Letter to Santa: Please Stop Putting Lumps of Coal in Stockings

Santa sees us whether we’ve been bad or good. But he could help us to be better world citizens by leading by example. Photo credit: Audrey F. Henderson, All Rights ReservedDear Santa,I know that you see us when we’re sleeping and when we are awake....

Posted December 26, 2013    

Public Transit and the Benefits of High-Speed Rail

America’s Love Affair — with Its CarsIt’s a well known fact that Americans love their cars.  However, with continued fluctuation in gasoline prices and increasingly congested highways, many Americans are becoming more receptive to giving up...

Posted May 16, 2013    

Will Underwater Mortgages Sink the Economy?

Short sales and strategic default allow desperate homeowners to escape the financial burden of underwater mortgages . Photo credit: Audrey F. Henderson, all rights reserved.The Housing Market and the EconomyBefore the housing market crisis...

Posted April 20, 2013    

Sustainability and Affordable Housing: Maybe Occupy Is Onto Something

The Evolution of the Occupy MovementWhatever else its participants may or may not have accomplished, the Occupy movement has changed the national conversation from austerity, cuts and deficits to acknowledging injustice and resolving financial and...

Posted May 23, 2012    

What Is the True Cost of Affordable Housing?

KHRA Homes in Riverview -- These tidy single-family and duplex homes replaced the low-rise rowhouse style public housing units that formerly stood in the Riverview neighborhood of Kingsport, Tennessee. Photo Credit: Audrey F. Henderson © 2011,...

Posted March 30, 2012    

Is the Earth Squandering Its Future?

 The Finnish Dream in Sundsberg This development located near Helsinki represents a Finnish approach to suburbia. Neat and orderly, Sundsberg is nonetheless nearly inaccessible except by car or other private vehicle.  Photo Credit:...

Posted January 20, 2012