Why are we looking to the past?  Because an image speaks a thousand words, and nothing quite gets debate stimulated like looking at where we've come from (and as the old cliche says, if we don't know where we are coming from, how do we know where we are going?)

Today's images are from the fascinating United States National Archives and depict school children in February 1974 "forced" to cycle to school because of the oil crisis.  With fuel in short supply there simply wasn't enough around to power school buses for extracurricular activities like trips to the local swimming pool or museum.  As "No Gas" signs went up on the pumps all over north America, car pooling was touted as a smart way to share and conserve limited fuel supplies.

These kids may not have had any choice but to me they look like they're coping with style (they do say that in fashion what goes around comes around, and I'm loving the clothes these kids have got on!), and though they wouldn't have known it then, Portland (where this photo was taken) would go to become America's cycling nirvana with some of the highest cycling rates in all of the United States.

If you're heading out on two wheels yourself this weekend, wherever you go ride safe and have a good time.  In the interim, why not connect with ibikelondon online? 

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