Entries are now being accepted for the City to City Barcelona FAD Award 2014.

This award recognises any successful and sustainable urban processes that lead to substantial transformations in the reality of a particular city - and involve public participation. They could be a sum of actions of varying kinds (social, architectural, educational, urban planning-related, etc) that have had a far-reaching impact on the city as a whole.

The organisers say that they can result from public or from private initiatives, as well as collaborations between both spheres. The result of such processes must bring a clear benefit to the citizens, an improvement in their quality of life and a contribution to building the city.

Last year's FAD City-to-city Award Winner, Glasgow

Last year's FAD City-to-city Award Winner, Glasgow

Anyone can submit an entry by nominating a project, it does not have to be, and should not be, the initiators of the project themselves. If you know of any city that should be a candidate to win the prize, you can make your suggestion up until March 14 at www.citytocity.fad.cat.
The system is quick and easy and will not take more than two minutes. You just enter the city and the reason why you believe it deserves the prize.

The competition was won in 2013 by Stalled Spaces, of Glasgow. Part of the city’s Open Space Strategy and Development Plan, it is the result of Glasgow City Council’s scheme to endow vacant sites that have no plans for development with temporary uses for urban and social revitalisation. The jury considered it deserved the FAD prize also for creating community-run spaces that foster urban revitalisation.

The jury said it deserved to win because "it has successfully enabled people to make good use of these sites" and "reflects a model of management that shows how to appropriate a space and act out on it a main role".

Two special mentions were also given to:

  • a project in Cape Town (South Africa) - Abalimi Bezekhaya (Farmers of Home), which has taught the local unemployed population how to produce fresh and healthy provisions and a means to sell surplus produce and generate employment;
  • and to Malmo (Sweden) - for transforming the neighbourhood of Augustenborg and making Malmo a more sustainable city while encouraging its citizens to get involved in the solving of communal problems.