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Arts & Culture

Why Covered and Street Markets are Crucial to City Center Vitality

May 27, 2015 by Julian Dobson

Bury's Street Market

What is at stake is not just markets but the character and vitality of our town and city centres. Planners have swallowed the myth of ‘retail-led regeneration’, imagining that shiny new shopping centres will revive their towns. In the process the traditional markets are often left behind, physically distanced from new developments and reduced to a curiosity.[read more]

On the High Line, old and new infrastructure and art designed to decay

May 26, 2015 by Georgia Silvera Seamans

The vegetated trackbeds are the site of Adrian Villar Rojas' The Evolution of God, a land art installation commissioned by the High Line.

Last month we walked the third (and newest) section of the High Line. We each had our favorites. One of us really liked the playground (Pershing Square Beams) and could have crawled, clambered, and popped up into the single "gopher hole" for longer than we had time to spend at the park. Two other fun elements of the new section are the...[read more]

The Top 10 Happiest Countries and What Makes Them Happy

May 26, 2015 by Neal Gorenflo

Reasons to be cheerful – nice city

Everyone wants to be happy, and increasingly countries around the world are looking at happiness as an indicator of national well-being and considering happiness in policy-making. This year’s World Happiness Report describes what makes people happy, and which countries have the highest levels of happiness.[read more]

The 6 Rules of Making Attractive City [VIDEO]

May 22, 2015 by Future Cape Town

Creating Urban Appeal

This short, brilliant video is a manifesto featuring Alain de Botton, the founder of London’s The School of Life, who explains how to make attractive cities with six fundamental rules. Botton explains that city planners should identify more scientifically the principles that determine how a city gets to become ugly or pretty.[read more]

80 Practical Ideas for a Sustainable World – Book Review

May 20, 2015 by The Dirt ASLA

Designed for the Future by Jared Green

In Designed for the Future: 80 Practical Ideas for a Sustainable World, Jared Green offers 80 thought-provoking and frequently inspiring answers to this question from landscape architects, urban planners, architects, journalists, artists, and environmental leaders in the U.S. and beyond[read more]

The Most Beautiful Boulevard: Austria, Vienna Celebrates Ringstrasse's 150th Birthday

Ringstrasse and History

With its museums, austere Habsburg palaces, and the soaring spires of government offices more beautiful than most cathedrals, Austria’s capital city is breathtaking. Visitors to central Vienna are often left enchanted by the Ringstrasse, the historic ring road encircling the city’s innermost district.[read more]

'Dark Age Ahead' by Jane Jacobs [BOOK REVIEW]

May 13, 2015 by Tyler Caine

Dark Age Ahead

Well known for her voice of calm critique, Jacobs examines five necessary pillars of cultural vibrancy, as well as explaining why our failing to maintain them could levy an age of cultural deficiency for modern day North America.[read more]

The Michael Jackson Impersonator with an Important Lesson in Public Space

May 13, 2015 by This Big City

Doing Michael Jackson in Baltimore

While the main lesson from the recent tragic events in Baltimore is about responsible policing, there’s another. During the community protests after Freddie Gray’s death one man jumped out between police and protestors and launched into a convincing Michael Jackson dance impersonation. This can yield an important lesson in public space.[read more]

How Seattle Balances Nature and the Built Infrastructure (Part 2)

May 12, 2015 by The Dirt ASLA

Layering Nature in Seattle

How Seattle has long been an innovator in layering built and natural infrastructure to fully complement each other. Over the past few decades, the city has taken advantage of all that rain so ever-present greenery seems to equal — if not dominate — the roads, bridges, and buildings.[read more]

How Seattle Balances Nature and the Built Infrastructure (Part 1)

May 11, 2015 by The Dirt ASLA

The sensitive integration of nature in Seattle

“Seattle has been about human intervention in the natural landscape, setting heavy engineering in a bucolic setting,” said John Owen, partner with Makers architecture and urban design, during a tour organized by the American Planning Association (APA) for their conference in this northwest city.[read more]

There's a Social Element to the Nature in Cities

May 11, 2015 by The Nature of Cities

Social, Nature, and Cities

Thanks to a bunch of canny coyotes, we have been reminded of the presence of nature in cities and the human interaction with nature, both in New York and other cities. These lessons are applicable to the many cities where humans and nature interact, and also to how people relate in a social way with nature.[read more]

Lighting our Cities: More than Meets the Eye

May 11, 2015 by Future Cape Town

Urban Lighting Schemes

Light and lighting are ever-present elements of city life, from flickering bus lights to overhead streetlights, to the large lighting features which illuminating our cities’ skylines. But while many other aspects of urban life enjoy dedicated research fields, something of a silo exists between lighting designers and social research.[read more]