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urban agriculture

Detroit Aquaponics Business Combines High-Tech Ag, Social Justice Mission

Green Business and Social Justice

Many of Detroit’s urban agriculture ventures have a down-on-the-farm feel, but not the CDC Farm & Fishery. With its tubes and tanks, the business seems futuristic. You see, they are among the first aquaponic operations to set up in Detroit following the passage of an urban agriculture ordinance.[read more]

Female Farmer Project Shares Photos, Stories Of Inspiring Women in Agriculture

Women in Agriculture

Audra Mulkern, a mother and events planner who lives in rural Washington state, didn’t set out to be a photographer. Her interest in food and farming, however, has taken her down a path that’s brought her work to publications like Saveur Magazine and Modern Farmer.[read more]

Nebraska's Urban Community Gardening Scene Grows Produce and Relationships

Nebraska Urban Gardens

States throughout America are embracing urban farming and gardening more and more every day, setting up shop in new cities and spreading the love of fresh greens to people across the state. One that has recently emerged into the urban community gardening scene is Nebraska.[read more]

Atlanta Startup Brings Hyperlocal Hydroponics Across the Globe

Hyperlocal Hydroponics

“The reality is that there is just less water available for agriculture than there’s ever been. As you look to the future, the amount of food production that’s needed and the amount of water we’ll have to do it, is going to require that we grow the food with less water than we do today.”[read more]

Telus Launch Green Rooftop with Community Garden

June 25, 2014 by Derek Wong

Telus Green Roof

Office building green roofs tend to be a ‘spectator sport’: look but don’t touch. Telus, one of the Big-Three telecoms in Canada, launch their participatory rooftop garden in their downtown Toronto building where staff are encouraged to seed, water, weed, and harvest the vegetables.[read more]

'Pop-Up Victory Gardens' Honors History While Greening Blight in the Windy City

Chicago Victory Gardens

The “We Can Do It!” spirit is alive and well in North Chicago due to one former corporate executive turned gardener extraordinaire. “I developed this condition called lot lust. I see empty lots and I lust to put gardens there,” says LaManda Joy, volunteer Executive Director of the Peterson Garden Project.[read more]

Is Urban Agriculture Utopian?

June 17, 2014 by The Dirt ASLA

Urban Agriculture

“Urban agriculture is a phenomenon today,” said Farham Karim, an architectural historian at the University of Kansas, at the Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA) conference in New Orleans. There are many millions involved in it.[read more]

Getting to Higher Ground with Rooftop Farming

Rooftop Farming

Higher Ground Farm founder John Stoddard is all about moving on up when it comes to urban agriculture. He and his business partner, Courtney Hennessey, farm on the roof of the Boston Design Center, a 55,000 square foot space in South Boston, and completed their first farming season in 2013.[read more]

Detroit's Urban Agriculture Ordinance Inspires Changes to Vacant Lots

August 31, 2013 by Global Site Plans - The Grid

Detroit Urban Agriculture

If you take a break from the media coverage of Detroit that focuses on the City’s ever-increasing unemployment rate, ample vacant land and rampant blight, you will notice some optimistic trends in sustainability, from organizing around transit justice to increased biking.[read more]

Belo Horizonte: The City That Ended Hunger

December 4, 2012 by Kiva Bottero

A city in Brazil recruited local farmers to help do something U.S. cities have yet to do: end hunger.“To search for solutions to hunger means to act within the principle that the status of a citizen surpasses that of a mere consumer.” – City of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.In writing Diet for a Small Planet, I learned one simple truth: Hunger...[read more]

Community Gardens & Civic Greening

December 4, 2012 by Sturle Hauge Simonsen

How community gardens help increase awareness about urban ecology One concern about increasing urbanization and reduced access to green areas, is that it creates a sort of generational amnesia about people's relationships to, and dependence upon, ecosystems.   In a recently published article in Landscape and Urban Planning,...[read more]

Eating Our Cities: Dissecting the Urban Food Dilemma

October 26, 2012 by Urban Times

What role does urban agriculture play in sustaining our cities?as organic moved from fringe to mainstream the goals of the movement succumbed to the industrial modelTravelling long haul from Australia, to pretty much anywhere outside of South Asia, is a chore. Flying from Sydney eastward is a fourteen hour journey over nothing but ocean...[read more]