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Training & Education

The Economic Geography of Workforce Development

November 21, 2014 by Jim Russell

Economic Geography

Without geographic analysis, demographers often overlook keen insights into fertility trends. The same caution applies to economists. For example, there's Harvard economist Edward Glaeser overlooking keen insights into Boston’s talent demography.[read more]


WEBCAST: Stéphane Dupas on Making European Cities Low Energy

November 19, 2014 by David Thorpe

Stéphane Dupas and the IMAGINE brochure

Stéphane Dupas is the project manager for the project “IMAGINE low energy cities”. In this wide-ranging interview, Stéphane talks about the cities that are involved, eight of them from different European countries. One of the key aims of the project is to engage local people, households and businesses in the mission to gain energy security, to aim at 100% locally-generated renewable electricity and implement energy efficiency measures.[read more]


WEBCAST: Herbert Girardet on Regenerative Cities Part 1

November 12, 2014 by David Thorpe

Herbert Girardet, co-founder of the World Future Council

In this first of a two-part interview Herbert Girardet, co-founder of the World Future Council and lifelong activist for sustainable cities, talks about his new book Creating Regenerative Cities. He discusses the new concept of regenerative cities, the existing state of affairs defined by the idea of Petropolis, and urban metabolism.[read more]


The Voice of Children in Cities Must Be Heard For the Sake of Our Future

November 10, 2014 by David Thorpe

The four aspects of making cities work for children

The day is fast coming when the majority of the world's children will grow up in cities. Will their living conditions be satisfactory? Will they have to live on the streets and be forced into child labour? Will their important voices be heard? World Visions is working to make sure that it is, and here are their recommendations – together with the real voices of children. Listen to them.[read more]

5 Colleges Where Students Are Getting Creative with Sustainable Agriculture

November 9, 2014 by Seedstock Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Agriculture Education

Across the country, sustainable agriculture is growing on college campuses. Carefully nourished soil on old athletic fields and other underutilized areas is becoming darker and richer, and nascent orchards are surviving the trial-and-error pruning of novices to mature and bear fruit.[read more]

Does Population Change Drive Demand for Housing?

November 6, 2014 by Jim Russell

Populations and Housing

If population growth isn’t driving demand for housing in Austin, then will greater supply drive down prices? That’s not the matter of debate, but it should be. I can subscribe to basic supply and demand theory while questioning the efficacy of increasing housing units as a solution to the affordability crisis.[read more]

How Can We Transcend Slum Urbanism in Africa? [VIDEO]

November 6, 2014 by Future Cape Town

Africa and Slum Urbanism

University of Cape Town professor and founding director of the African Centre for Cities, Edgar Pieterse explains the controversial logic of slum urbanism. A logic driven by the privatization of urban services and infrastructure that creates a sharp divided in society.[read more]


Using Comics To Communicate Sustainable Cities

November 5, 2014 by David Thorpe

The 4th Future of Cities Forum used cartoonists to log in real time what delegates were debating

Cartoons are a great way to facilitate decision-making, and help the creative process. They reach the places other forms of communication cannot. So all credit to the 4th Future of Cities Forum for using cartoonists to log in real time what delegates were debating and concluding in their workshops last week.[read more]

Innovation Geography: The Beginning of the End for Silicon Valley

November 4, 2014 by Jim Russell

Geography and Innovation

Another day and another article about the housing affordability crisis in Silicon Valley. Beyond the regulatory red tape constraining supply, the San Francisco-San Jose region is a job-creating juggernaut. But where, oh where, will the growing workforce live?[read more]

Technology Isn't Going to Save Us: 5 Insights from the 2014 Bioneers Conference

November 4, 2014 by Taz Loomans

Technology and Use

Recently I attended the 25th anniversary Bioneers Conference in San Rafael, California. What is Bioneers, you ask? Bioneers is a fertile hub of social and scientific innovators with practical and visionary solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and social challenges.[read more]

Congratulations, Your City Is Dying!

October 27, 2014 by Jim Russell

Dying Cities

In general, a declining population translates into a dying place. For a place (city or nation-state), dying can also refer to the aging of the overall population. If everyone is too old to work, then who will pay for the health care? Save the wildcard of migration, more deaths than births is an existential threat.[read more]

Top 10 U.S. Cities for Young Smart People

October 26, 2014 by Brandon Donnelly

Cities for the Young and Smart

I’m always on the lookout for great websites and communities dedicated to cities. And thanks to a friend of mine, I found a new one called City Observatory. It’s my new favorite site for city geeks. They describe themselves as a “data-driven platform for sharing, analyzing and discussing the success of cities.”[read more]