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São Paulo wins 2014 City/State MobiPrize by Empowering Citizens and Fostering Innovation

August 27, 2014 by TheCityFix - produced by EMBARQ

Sao Paulo Wins the Prize

São Paulo is empowering citizens to create transport solutions by fostering innovation and opening data. The São Paulo department of Transport (SMT) founded the Mobility Laboratory (MobiLab) on the principles of innovation, transparency, and public participation.[read more]

Waste Not, Want Not: Author Explores America's Food Waste Problem

Food Waste Problems

Local and sustainable food is great, as long as it is put to use. But according to food writer Jonathan Bloom, many people are chronic wasters of what they eat, which results in the loss of nutrition (not to mention the effort required to produce it) to a vacuum.[read more]

What should San Francisco do with the Tenderloin?

August 25, 2014 by Brandon Donnelly

San Francisco Neighborhoods

Recently Priceonomics posted a piece on San Francisco’s 'rent explosion.' In it was an infographic showing the median rental rate for a one bedroom apartment in the city. The most obvious takeaway is that San Francisco is really expensive. Except in the Tenderloin.[read more]

Government Technology Facilitates a 'New City' in Lincoln, Nebraska

August 24, 2014 by Global Site Plans - The Grid

'New City' in Lincoln

With the rise of the technological and digital communication era, city and metropolitan governments are rapidly realizing the great importance of harnessing this scientific know-how in order to provide an optimal environment for their citizens.[read more]


Miami's 21st Century Economy is Taking Shape at Florida International University

August 21, 2014 by Peter Smith

Miami and the 21st Century Economy

News of Miami's economy tends to be dominated by the city's volatile - and often controversial - real estate market. Gleaming condos towering over Biscayne Bay and multi-million-dollar cash deals between off-shore LLCs give it an extravagance that is hard to ignore.[read more]

Concluding Remarks About Housing Affordability and Supply Restricitions

August 21, 2014 by Jim Russell

Housing Affordability and Supply

Among economists, there is a debate about how to address the problem of housing affordability. When the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland casts doubt on the efficacy of increasing supply to address rent inflation, I wonder about the research paper history that lends itself to such conclusions.[read more]

Housing Affordability and Supply Side Economics

August 13, 2014 by Jim Russell

Housing and Economics

Just a few hours ago, I got wind of an article that characterizes housing affordability in Los Angeles as only a supply problem. The experts quoted deserve my attention and respect. I think the positions voiced typify the supply side argument.[read more]


How a Community Garden Can Be A Catalyst that Can Change A City

August 12, 2014 by David Thorpe

Vetch Veg, Swansea

How do you change the mindsets and attitudes of officials who have their own fixed ways of doing things, set in stone when they themselves were trained? And how do you get a community that is not used to thinking for itself to take responsibility for developments in its own neighbourhood? Aren't these the greatest challenges to sustainability?[read more]

The Social Library that Transformed a Berlin Street (And Community)

August 11, 2014 by This Big City

Social Library

We have seen urban and artistic interventions in our cities for decades. Sometimes, they are perceived as simple vandalism acts or as anecdotal, with interpretations ranging from the appreciation to the (anonymous) artists who alter the public space.[read more]


Payback Time: Where ex-Mafia Land is Used to Grow Organic Food and Reclaim a Sustainable Way of Life

August 8, 2014 by David Thorpe

Making wine the traditional way.

The City to City Barcelona FAD Awards are for outstanding projects that have a positive and transforming effect on cities and their inhabitants. The Libera Terra project in Sicily uses land confiscated from the Mafia to grow organic food and reclaim traditional, sustainable ways of life.[read more]


Using Slum-Dwellers' Own Wisdom to Uplift Their Communities, in Bangladesh

August 8, 2014 by David Thorpe

Using the wisdom of slum-dwellers

The City to City Barcelona FAD Awards are for outstanding projects that have a positive and transforming effect on cities and their inhabitants. Dhaka's BRAC University are working with slum communities to harness their skills and knowledge to assist their integration into the city using educational, recreational and self-sufficiency projects.[read more]


How A Map Made By Residents Transformed A Slum Area in Nairobi

August 8, 2014 by David Thorpe

Residents decide what's important to go on the map.

The City to City Barcelona FAD Awards are for outstanding projects that have a positive and transforming effect on cities and their inhabitants. Map Kibera let inhabitants of a forgotten slum map their territory, deciding what was important to go on it, thereby grabbing the attention of the authorities to get them to answer their needs.[read more]