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Don't Shop Online, You're Slowly Killing Your Local Community

December 18, 2014 by David Thorpe

Shopping online is not sustainable.

There is a very direct relationship between the health of your local community and how much shopping you do online. When stores close down and get boarded up, it's not a coincidence. If you value the integrity of your local high street, don't buy online. If you want boarded up, empty shops near you, do buy online.[read more]

Where Innovation Thrives

December 16, 2014 by Jim Russell

Innovation and Place

People from different places, not different ethnicities, drive innovation. Birthplace diversity is more important than cultural diversity. These findings resonate well with what we know about knowledge networks and the success of suburban Silicon Valley.[read more]

Lagos in 2015: Planning for the Coming Year

December 15, 2014 by Future Cape Town

The Next Year in Lagos


It is hard to describe what will transpire in Lagos next year because of the upcoming elections both in Lagos state and across Nigeria, leaving a sense of uncertainty until a new governor is elected. However, there are some elements that hint at priority areas for 2015.[read more]

Three Promising Strategies for Financing Sustainable Cities

December 15, 2014 by TheCityFix - produced by EMBARQ

Financing Sustainable Cities


Sustainable, accessible, thriving cities are within our reach. Investing in solutions like energy and building efficiency, integrated public transit and better land use can improve health, quality of life and economic opportunities. Civic leaders can look to three pathways to trigger more sustainable investment through climate finance and make capital more accessible to cities.[read more]

Catching a Train in Lagos!

December 13, 2014 by Future Cape Town

Public Transport in Lagos

There is actually no train service that serves the masses in Lagos. Public transport is not easily accessible nor the most safe form of transport and this is why Lagosians either have or aspire to have large cars that can withstand flooded roads and large potholes.[read more]

Fracking: Can Getting Involved Do Any Good?

December 11, 2014 by The Dirt ASLA

Fracking and Landscape Architecture

Do landscape architects have an ethical obligation to involve themselves in mitigating the impacts of fracking if communities decide to move forward with it?[read more]


4 Steps to Winning the Business Case for Energy Saving Projects

December 9, 2014 by David Thorpe

How to win the green argument

Here is one surefire way to persuade those who hold the purse strings in your organisation of the value of an energy-saving project – such as a low energy building, an eco-retrofit, or a piece of equipment – that you know will save money over its lifetime but which has a relatively high capital cost.[read more]

60 Minutes: Politics of Infrastructure

December 4, 2014 by Rick Rybeck

Politics, Land, and Infrastructure

60 Minutes reported that everyone agrees that US infrastructure needs reinvestment but that nobody agrees about how to fund it. The reasons for this disconnect were not explained nor were solutions. Here I explain the disconnect between the need for infrastructure and the lack of political will for funding.[read more]

Urban Biodiversity Is Both an Educational and Public Awareness Challenge

December 4, 2014 by The Nature of Cities

Urban Biodiversity

The current urban bias against biodiversity in cities and urban areas has been perpetuated by the longstanding conceptualization of urban land uses as non-primary, largely separated spatial units that relate to each other in a complementary manner.[read more]

All Growth is Not Good

December 3, 2014 by Glenn Vowles

Growth Measurement and Importance


Economic growth has been the most important performance measure for over 70 years. All political colours except the Greens have increasing growth as their aim and leaders at the recent G20 summit made pledges centred on it. Yet this statistic takes no account whatsoever of the costs of achieving growth.[read more]


Envisioning Future Cities: Pocket Drones, Bioinspired Designs, and Smart Citizens

November 29, 2014 by Sophie Curtis

Future City Technology and Planning

The Future Cities Summit, organised by RE.WORK, brings together the most influential leaders and officials to collaborate and reshape our future cities. Attendees of the summit will gain insight into breakthrough innovations that will have an impact on creating sustainable, intelligent and efficient future cities.[read more]

Toronto Seeks Injunction to Stop Uber

November 27, 2014 by Brandon Donnelly

Uber Injunction in Toronto

One evening this past spring I was leaving a Rotman School event at Liberty Grand on the west side of Toronto. There aren’t a lot of taxis coming through this part of the city, so I figured I was going to have to wait while I hailed one from my phone. But as luck would have it, one happened to be pulling up.[read more]