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Health & Nutrition

Baltimore's Recreation and Parks Department Boosts Urban Farming With City Farms

Baltimore City Farmsing

Urban gardening is a long-time tradition in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, according to the new City Farms Coordinator Harold McCray. “Its original purpose was in response to urban hunger and malnutrition—that was its root,” McCray says.[read more]

Alabama Food Bank Focuses on Growing the Local Food System to Alleviate Hunger

Local Food, Local Hunger

“Our challenge is not only feeding people who are hungry today, but how do we work proactively to address the causes of hunger and poverty?” asks Kathryn Strickland, who works as the Executive Director of the Food Bank of North Alabama.[read more]

The Death of Driving

July 14, 2014 by Brandon Donnelly

Driving and Change

Last night my father and I were walking to dinner and he commented to me that he thinks my generation will be a lot healthier than his—at least on average—given how much more my generation walks. I responded by reaffirming to him how little I drive these days and how much I enjoy that.[read more]


New Alliance Links Sustainable Food to Solving Obesity Crisis

July 14, 2014 by David Thorpe

Square Meal report links Health and Well-Being with Food and Farming Policies

A new alliance of national environmental, nutrition and health groups is calling on local and national governments to show leadership by linking up policies on health and well-being with food and farming policies.[read more]

Female Farmer Project Shares Photos, Stories Of Inspiring Women in Agriculture

Women in Agriculture

Audra Mulkern, a mother and events planner who lives in rural Washington state, didn’t set out to be a photographer. Her interest in food and farming, however, has taken her down a path that’s brought her work to publications like Saveur Magazine and Modern Farmer.[read more]

Is Average Tree Lifespan a Meaningful Number?

July 13, 2014 by Leda Marritz

Tree Life Span

7 years. 13 years. 15 years. You’ve probably heard all of these figures (and more) applied to the true average lifespan of a street tree. So which one is correct? According to Lara Roman, a Research Ecologist with the USDA Forest Service, the question is more complicated than it first appears.[read more]

Marin Bike Share Attracts Sponsors Without a Station in the Ground

July 12, 2014 by David Edmondson

Marin Bike Share

Marin was pondering a bike share program. Though the initial study (performed by Alta) had some problems with stop location, overall the report was optimistic and the project continued to press forward. As it turns out, at least when it came to sponsorship, they weren’t optimistic enough.[read more]

Turning the Car Around: Decreasing High-Emission Automobiles is the First Step to a Greener China

Cars and Greening China

China has enough road to accommodate 300 million vehicles. With car ownership reaching 137, and 74 Chinese cities already reporting pollution surging above unsafe levels, adding another 170 million cars to the country’s roads will be an economic, environmental, and health disaster.[read more]

Nebraska's Urban Community Gardening Scene Grows Produce and Relationships

Nebraska Urban Gardens

States throughout America are embracing urban farming and gardening more and more every day, setting up shop in new cities and spreading the love of fresh greens to people across the state. One that has recently emerged into the urban community gardening scene is Nebraska.[read more]

Finding Freedom in the Walkable Neighborhood

July 9, 2014 by This Big City

Urban Walkability and Urban Freedom

From the beginning of the car age, cars have been marketed to us as tickets to freedom. In our own cars, we can choose our individual path and get to our destination quickly, unimpeded by the inconvenience/lack of speed of walking or public transportation.[read more]

Study: São Paulo Commuters Lose One Month per Year Sitting in Traffic

Sao Paulo Traffic Woes

While the idea of our ‘free time’ is by its very nature associated with individual choice and being momentarily ‘free’ from the demands of things like everyday life, the amount and quality of this time we have at our disposal is, unfortunately, closely linked to city-wide forces.[read more]

7 Reasons to Fund Bicycle Infrastructure

July 5, 2014 by Tazmine Loomans

Bike Infrastructure Benefits

The Phoenix City Council has tabled approving the Bicycle Master Place until the end of the summer. The Phoenix Bicycle Master Plan is not complete yet, but aims to connect currently disjointed bicycle lanes, shared roads and bicycle boulevards.[read more]