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WEBCAST: Stéphane Dupas on Making European Cities Low Energy

November 19, 2014 by David Thorpe

Stéphane Dupas and the IMAGINE brochure

Stéphane Dupas is the project manager for the project “IMAGINE low energy cities”. In this wide-ranging interview, Stéphane talks about the cities that are involved, eight of them from different European countries. One of the key aims of the project is to engage local people, households and businesses in the mission to gain energy security, to aim at 100% locally-generated renewable electricity and implement energy efficiency measures.[read more]


WEBCAST: Herbert Girardet on Regenerative Cities Part 2

November 13, 2014 by David Thorpe

Herbert Girardet, co-founder of the World Future Council.

This is the second part of an interview with Herbert Girardet, co-founder of the World Future Council and author of 11 books on sustainable cities. In this part he discusses the second half of his book Creating Regenerative Cities and explores the concept of Ecopolis, a fictional city which embodies these ideals.[read more]


WEBCAST: Herbert Girardet on Regenerative Cities Part 1

November 12, 2014 by David Thorpe

Herbert Girardet, co-founder of the World Future Council

In this first of a two-part interview Herbert Girardet, co-founder of the World Future Council and lifelong activist for sustainable cities, talks about his new book Creating Regenerative Cities. He discusses the new concept of regenerative cities, the existing state of affairs defined by the idea of Petropolis, and urban metabolism.[read more]


VIDEO: What Makes a Sustainable City?

October 7, 2014 by David Thorpe

David Thorpe

A talk and presentation by David Thorpe at Cardiff's Green City event on Saturday 27 September 2014. David is the Special Correspondent on Sustainable Cities Collective.[read more]


WEBCAST: George Marshall on Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change

September 1, 2014 by David Thorpe

George Marshall, whose brain is wired up to talk about climate change.

Why, despite overwhelming scientific evidence, do we still ignore climate change? And what does it need for us to become fully convinced of what we already know? An interview with George Marshall, author of a groundbreaking new book called Don't Even Think About It: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Ignore Climate Change.[read more]


Claudia Adriazola on Advancing Sustainable Transport and Road Safety in Cities [WEBCAST]

August 18, 2014 by David Thorpe

Claudia Adriazola

Claudia Adriazola, the Health & Road Safety Program Director for EMBARQ, in this interview with David Thorpe, describes how she became involved with this work and her approach to persuading cities around the world to advance sustainable transport: through BRT, cycling, and planning.[read more]


Neal Gorenflo on the Sharing Cities Network [WEBCAST]

July 21, 2014 by David Thorpe

Neal and his book Share or Die

In this video webcast David Thorpe talks to Neal Gorenflo, co-founder of, a nonprofit with a mission to empower everyone to share for a more joyous, resilient, and equitable world. Its Sharing Cities Network connects local sharing grassroots activists around the world.[read more]


WEBCAST: Jeremiah Owyang on Sustainability and the Collaborative Economy

June 23, 2014 by David Thorpe

Jeremiah Owyang

The collaborative economy is a new buzzword about trends that are changing the way people interact with each other and do business, and it is claimed that it is a more sustainable model than the traditional one. Here to talk about this is Jeremiah Owyang, the Chief Catalyst and Founder of Crowd Companies, which focuses on how large companies tap the collaborative economy.[read more]


NEW VIDEO: Urban Infrastructure Initiative for Linking Business with Cities

June 6, 2014 by Matthew Lynch

Cities and business can both become more sustainable together.

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development's Urban Infrastructure Initiative is a unique global project that has demonstrated the value of early collaborative engagement between cities and business for sustainable development.[read more]


A Poem and Video about What Ordinary People Think about Climate Change for World Environment Day

June 6, 2014 by David Thorpe

Poet Emily Hinshelwood.

This beautiful poem and accompanying video was constructed from the words of ordinary people who had often never talked about climate change before expressing their worry and frustration about how hard it seems to be to do anything about it, but the video shows that every action we do take matters.[read more]

Webcast: Extreme Weather Preparedness

February 17, 2014 by Jesse Jenkins

It’s been over a year since Hurricane Sandy, the second most expensive storm in American history, hit the East Coast in the fall of 2012. The passing of the year mark serves as a reminder of how vulnerable cities like New York and London are to climate change. And governments are not ignorant of the challenges ahead — a study of 30...[read more]


We Are Sustainable Cities Collective - Join Us

February 13, 2014 by David Thorpe

Watch our video!

This is our new campaign video that's on YouTube now, designed to highlight the valuable work all of our contributors do to help make the world a better place. It's part of our drive to win a Shorty Award for which we've been nominated that would rally boost our profile. Vote now![read more]