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Gardens & Landscapes

Detroit Produce Peddlers: Delivering Fresh Food on Two Wheels

Mobile Detroit Produce

While Detroit’s urban farming movement has been generating excitement for more than a decade, the city’s bicycling scene has been turning heads lately as well. Over the past few years, new bike lanes have sprung up on Motown’s streets and cyclists have shown up in the thousands for mass rides[read more]

SITES Certifies New Set of Landscapes

August 17, 2014 by The Dirt ASLA

SITES Landscapes

The Sustainable Sites Initiative program has certified four new landscapes: Kirke Park, a pocket park in Seattle; 38 Dolores, a grocery store and housing complex in San Francisco; West Point Foundry Preserve, a historic Civil War-era preserve in New York; and the office of Perkins + Will, a design firm, in Atlanta.[read more]

Midwest Nonprofit Gives Voice to Women Farmers

Farmers and Support

Bridget Holcomb, newly appointed executive director of the non-profit Women, Food & Agriculture, has always been interested in issues concerning sustainability. For her, it’s a no brainer that the current generation needs to live sustainably to improve the lives of future generations.[read more]

The Need to Develop Flora and Fauna Biometric Tools for Urban Planning

August 15, 2014 by The Nature of Cities

Urban Flora and Fauna

Collectively, researchers over the past 60 years have collected a good deal of data on urban biodiversity and impacts on urban plants and animals. From urban gradient studies to patch dynamic studies, we have a plethora of empirical data that suggests how various urban designs would impact various species.[read more]

Even with the Threat of More Monster Storms, Shorelines Can Be Public Spaces

August 14, 2014 by The Dirt ASLA

Shoreline Spaces and Design

At a lecture on resilient waterfront design at the Center for Architecture in New York, two projects that are now in the works show how public spaces can still be fostered and created on shorelines, even in the era where shorelines are constantly at the risk of the monster storm.[read more]

Serious About Green Roofs: Four Things We Need

August 13, 2014 by Future Cape Town

Green Roof Development

National specialists argued that as the cost of green roofs were the highest before an industry was established, and that this was the current case in South Africa, they didn’t “see the rationality of a developer wanting to do a green roof unless there is some type of compensation for them”.[read more]


How a Community Garden Can Be A Catalyst that Can Change A City

August 12, 2014 by David Thorpe

Vetch Veg, Swansea

How do you change the mindsets and attitudes of officials who have their own fixed ways of doing things, set in stone when they themselves were trained? And how do you get a community that is not used to thinking for itself to take responsibility for developments in its own neighbourhood? Aren't these the greatest challenges to sustainability?[read more]

Folly Forest: From Asphalt to Educational Landscape

August 12, 2014 by The Dirt ASLA

Asphalt and Education

Browsing through the latest issue of Azure magazine, one can see socially conscious design is making its way even into the far reaches of Winnipeg, Canada. Folly Forest, a great, small project at the Stratchona School, which in a low-income neighborhood, was put together with just $80,000.[read more]

Seven Classic, Must-Read Books About the Local Food Movement

Local Food Classics

The term “locavore” has been used to describe people as diverse as former hippies living off the land as well as foodies perusing farmers’ markets for organic produce. The notion of local food and its place in the United States’ economy is evolving, however.[read more]

London's Summer Pavilion

August 10, 2014 by Future Cape Town

London Summer Pavilion

Every year a patch of Hyde Park plays host to London’s most prestigious pop-up- the Serpentine Pavilion. Architects from around the world have been invited to transform this spot, and this year Chilean architect Smiljan Radic becomes the fourteenth to accept the invitation.[read more]

How Much Do You Know About Cape Town's Surrounding Farmland?

August 9, 2014 by Future Cape Town

Cape Town Farm Land

Cities around the world are trying to preserve natural spaces within the urban jungle. Such spaces not only create green havens for citizens to enjoy, but can provide a platform for creating jobs. If nurtured and developed correctly, this can have a huge impact in South Africa.[read more]

Women in Food: Journalist Tracie McMillan Explores Crossroads Of Food And Poverty

Food and Poverty

Over the past few years, journalist Tracie McMillan has carved out a space to talk about food in a way that is not discussed with any frequency in mainstream media sources, namely, how it relates to the lives of various working-class and poor people.[read more]