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Architecture: A Labor of Love

December 28, 2014 by Brandon Donnelly

Architecture and Creative Passion

To many architects, it can be difficult — even painful — to listen to what the public wants. Architects are not trained in terms of market size and profit maximization. It’s about passion. It’s a labor of love. And when you’ve already fallen in love, it can be hard to change your mind.[read more]

Minneapolis, Minnesota Stagnates at Its 1972 Height, Without Restrictions

December 27, 2014 by Global Site Plans - The Grid

Buildings and Urban Skylines

Cities are defined by their skylines. A picturesque view of a beautiful downtown forest of skyscrapers can be an incredibly sublime and beautiful sight. People seem to be enamored by buildings that soar high above them, making themselves feel incredibly small.[read more]

Cities and Being Exemplary

December 27, 2014 by Brandon Donnelly

Cities and Best Practices

Recently I had coffee with a good friend of mine and fellow city geek. We always have great conversations about cities and about Toronto. He asked me was whether I was still loving Toronto. And I responded by saying absolutely. But I qualified this statement by saying that I wish we were bolder.[read more]

2014 in Placemaking: A Quiet Movement Takes Root

December 27, 2014 by Project for Public Spaces

Year in Placemaking

2014 was a remarkable year for Placemaking, and as Project Public Spaces prepares to enter its 40th year at the helm of this growing movement, we are energized and humbled by the incredible forward motion we helped to generate throughout the past year.[read more]

Seedstock's Top Ten Stories of 2014

December 27, 2014 by Seedstock Sustainable Agriculture

Year in Review

It’s been a great year here at Seedstock, with an increased focus on urban policy and continued coverage of indoor agriculture technology and sustainable farming practices. We’ve delighted in telling the stories of the people who are making a difference in the new food economy.[read more]


The Topics You Most Wanted to Read About in 2014 on Sustainable Cities

December 26, 2014 by David Thorpe

The year in review

What do you remember most from our website over the last year? We look back at the most popular articles on themes that we covered in 2014, and we look ahead to what 2015 has in store. We celebrate doubling our audience in 2015 and we invite everyone to help contribute to our growing bank of information on making the world a better place.[read more]

Social Media and Digital Media Marketing Spurs The City of Quebec's Rebranding

December 26, 2014 by Global Site Plans - The Grid

Quebec Rebranding

The City of Quebec in Canada is in the beginning of a vast overhaul of its visual identity. They are doing it in order to refresh its image and stay up to date with social media. But there will be no alteration of the famous little boat on the city’s logo.[read more]

Write About Your Ideal City to Win a Trip to Masdar City

December 26, 2014 by TheCityFix - produced by EMBARQ

Designing the Ideal City

What will your ideal city look like in 2030? That is the question of the third annual international blogging contest hosted by Masdar, Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy company behind Masdar City. One winner will receive a paid trip to Abu Dhabi – where Masdar City is located – in mid-January, 2015.[read more]

The Power of Architecture [VIDEO]

December 26, 2014 by Brandon Donnelly

Architecture Lecture

Architect Bjarke Ingels recently gave a talk at the WIRED by Design conference. I’m a big fan of his work. What I like is how process driven his firm is. As he explains at the beginning of the video, they always start by researching and analyzing the situation before figuring out how they’re going to intervene.[read more]

The Battle For Plastic Water Bottles Among Chinese Recyclers [VIDEO]

December 26, 2014 by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

Recycling in China

As we’ve seen before, recycling plastic water bottles and similar materials into more bottles represents a sort of gold standard in the industry: most plastics are “downcycled” into fabrics and fillers that can’t be further recycled. So, you’d think a company like Beijing’s Incom Recycling Co. would be buzzing with activity.[read more]

What Can You Recycle During The Holidays? [INFOGRAPHIC]

December 25, 2014 by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg

Recycling for the Holidays

So, what can you recycle from gifts, meals, and other elements of holiday celebrations? Can wrapping paper go in the recycling bin? How about bows and ribbons? These questions and more are covered in this infographic and, of course, stick to your normal processes with things like food waste.[read more]

Q&A: L.A. Food Policy Council’s Clare Fox on Building a Network, Overcoming Disenfranchisement in L.A.’s Food System

December 25, 2014 by Seedstock Sustainable Agriculture

Clare Fox is the Director of Policy and Innovation for the Los Angeles Food Policy Council. In this role, she collaborates with a large network of food advocates and public and private sector partners to catalyze projects and build leadership capacity build Southern California’s local food system.[read more]

City Giving During the Holiday Season

December 25, 2014 by Jillian Glover

Urban Charitable Organizations

Christmas is here, but it is not too late to give to people in need in our city. My favorite charities are those that will allow you to give gifts or food directly. So I have listed in this post a few of the favorites that I have made donations to in the past.[read more]